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Julie has over 40+ years of invaluable experience working with many different business types, winning prestigious awards from the Sunday Times for her expertise. Now it's your chance to take advantage of her extensive experience to elevate your business and reap the rewards.

Interim Leadership

With 30 years’ experience in leadership roles, winning numerous awards including Best Leader (Sunday Times Best Leader Award), Julie offers interim leadership for your organisation on both a short term and longer term basis dependent on your needs.

Reviewing Housing Services

With over 40 years’ experience within the housing industry, Julie offers professional reviews of housing services, to optimise the provision of efficient, effective and value for money services that are customer centric.

Customer Complaints Advice/Reviews

Are you confident in your organisation’s handling of complaints?  Are you compliant with the Complaint Handling Code?  If you are unsure, or feel a review of your complaints process and outcomes would be useful, Julie’s wealth of experience can help you get things on track, and maximise customer satisfaction levels.

Executive Coaching

Julie is a qualified coach and multi-award winning leader with over 40 years’ experience in business and leadership.  Invite her into your organisation to work with individuals and teams to deliver outstanding performance.

Employee Engagements

Julie transformed a blame culture into a positive learning culture, winning the Sunday Times’ Best 100 Not-For-Profit Organisations to work for 4 years consecutively, and winning the Best Leader award in the process.  If you need some support in transforming the culture in your business, Julie will help bring out the best in your employees and help create a happy, productive workplace to be proud of.

Board Appraisals

With over 30 years’ governance experience as a non-executive director in a range of organisations and a qualified coach, Julie can undertake Board member appraisals with ease and ensure the focus of your Board is aligned to the needs of the business and those you serve.

Menopause Programmes

Julie was one of the first leaders to introduce menopause programmes into her organisation after experiencing the debilitating effects of this condition and phase of life, and witnessing the effect this was having on business performance.  By introducing Julie’s blend of honesty, humour and sharing the tools and techniques to survive and thrive through the menopause you will help your female employees feel empowered, informed and confident about their future.

Customer Engagement

Are you ready for Consumer Regulation?  Are you happy with your level of customer satisfaction?  Are you confident that your customers are receiving consistently high standards of engagement across your organisation and are your budgets aligned to the things your customers need?  If you are unsure, let Julie help your organisation engage with your customers and help remove the potential burden of customer dissatisfaction that could lead to a regulatory downgrade.

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