Julie takes people with her to help them realise their potential and perform to a high standard, promoting employee engagement at all levels to create a great place to work for all. Here are what some of her clients have to say.

Let's Hear What People Have to Say...

Julie Fadden has to be one of the most passionate and people focussed leaders I have ever worked with. She is both an inspiring and also deeply compassionate person. What I love above all about Julie is it’s more about the walk than the talk. Julie doesn’t want to just say the right things, she wants to do the right things.
Professor Paul McGee
PMA International Ltd
I have know Julie for many years and have worked closely with her during my time as Chief Executive of the CIH. Julie has huge experience in managing housing organisations and is the ultimate housing professional. She is a problem solver – she likes to get stuck in and come up with solutions which make a difference. At the heart of everything she does are the residents and customers. Her work on homelessness in Liverpool is just one example where she has worked with others to find new solutions to difficult problems.
Terrie Alafat
I first met Julie in 2004 and was so impressed by her inspirational and professional leadership qualities, that I offered her a place on my 2005 Common Purpose City Leaders Profile Programme. She graduated at the highest level, and I have been utilising her skills and experience as a contributor to my subsequent programmes, course, conference, and panels. Her skillsbase in the fields of personal and professional development; coaching; change management; and problem solving are second-to-none I also chose to continue to make fullest use of Julie because she has that rare ability to not only transmit her enthusiasm and expertise, but also to transfer them. Her integrity, honesty, and strategic thinking are simply bonuses!
Ken Pye FLHU
Managing Director, Discover Liverpool
Authenticity , integrity and an experienced CEO and executive coach, Julie is a true leader in business. She will also make sure you live a balanced and happy life. If you are looking for a coach who can make 100+plus percent difference , Julie is that person to work with who can help you make a real difference in the world. If you are looking for an executive coach that is compassionate and strategic that’s Julie. She genuinely wants her clients to shine . Molly Harvey Director Harvey Global
Molly Harvey
Director - Harvey Global
I have worked with Julie for many years within the governance of the Chartered Institute of Housing and I have found her contributions insightful, productive and totally focused on those we serve. Julie is a people person and works with them to bring out the best in them, whether staff or Board colleagues. Julie stepped in as vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of CIH China and she has demonstrated outstanding leadership and support to me as Chair of the CIH Governing Board. I was particularly impressed with her ability to chair Board meetings in China effectively whilst dealing with different languages, cultures and time zones and still managing Board business effectively and to time. Her contribution to the housing sector as CIH president saw her raise £65,000 for Crisis and travel 74,000 nationally and internationally to share housing best practice and recognise the dedication of outstanding housing professionals.
Geraldine Howley
Chair - CIH Governing Board
Julie is a very reliable and responsible person. She is compassionate, kind and never misses the opportunity to help others. She deals with tasks with great maturity, honesty, integrity and with the highest ethical standards. She is an effective communicator and has worked tirelessly on behalf of the more vulnerable in our society. She has extensive knowledge within the field she works and has been able to apply this knowledge effectively and efficiently. She has an established track record of success and is widely respected. Julie has incredible creative energy and refreshing idealism that more than achieves what needs to be accomplished. She is a leader and has demonstrated great competence throughout her career. She empowered staff within organisations she led by creating a work environment of achievement and recognition. She has, and continues to make, a tremendous impact across the housing sector as well as ensuring the resident experience is of the highest standard. On a personal level she has been an inspiration to me through the high values she holds and her unselfish encouragement to others. I am confident she will continue to improve lives.
Professor Paddy Gray
Ulster University
Julie came into Partington (PHA) in 1998 as a Director.  What a breath of fresh air.  We had undergone an LSVT in 1996 and had a Board with 4 tenants sitting on it but very little else in tenant participation.  The tenant Board members were mostly untrained and found it difficult to hold their own.  Julie came, Julie saw and Julie soon put that right.  She enabled the tenant Board members to finally have their input taken seriously.    Not stopping there she walked the estates numerous times to find out the many issues from tenants.  She was shocked to find out that there was a gun culture in one small area and the police and Housing were not working together to shut it down.  Julie had it sorted within weeks.  She set up an excellent antisocial behaviour team to work closely with the police and even managed to get an improved police presence.  It not only stopped the guns but made a massive impact on Neighbour Nuisance.   Julie set up many ways of getting tenants involved in their community.  It went from tenants saying “what’s the point, nothing gets done” to “I’m going into the office to speak to them”.  Tenants began to trust that something would get done.  Whether it was a repair problem or something they wanted to see in their area they would be listened to and their ideas would be taken seriously.  The community began to come together.   As a Director Julie not only brought the tenants together and got them involved, she also looked after her staff.  She radically improved their working conditions.  As a result of staff being very much appreciated the Housing Officers regularly walked the estates and spoke to tenants.  It went from tenants not even knowing their Housing Officer’s name to tenants being able to recognise them and speak to them in informal ways.   All in all, Julie made so many improvements to tenant participation and staff welfare, Partington was eternally grateful. 
Maggie Carter